Michelle Miller

Starlight Memorial, 2017

Starlight Memorial 
is an architectural response to a lack of space in urban communities. The project proposes a new and unique commentary on how cemeteries, as a traditional method of laying people to rest, are no longer a viable option given this lack of space.

Taking inspiration from Kusama’s ‘Infinity Mirror Rooms’, Starlight Memorial offers room for thousands of hanging motion sensor LED light urns, acting as a replacement for a connection to the physical body. Multi-levelled and partly submerged underground, the building integrates the use of public and private realms with a connection to nature, offering different forms of comfort and emotional connection for family and friends. 

Image: Michelle Miller, Starlight Memorial, 2017. Image courtesy of the artist.

Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a young creative with an intuitive flair for re-imagining environments and spaces in both local and global contexts. Her passion lies particularly with the convergence of multiple design disciplines to produce sustainable outcomes and enhance the overall human experience.

Image: Michelle Miller, 2017. Photo courtesy of the artist.