Olivia Spark

Endlings, 2017

 is an exploration into the increasing number of threatened native flora since European settlement in Australia. Land clearing is undoubtedly the main cause of extinction and endangerment of native Australian flora which carries irreversible consequences to the biodiversity of ecological communities, causing habitats to become severely fragmented and damaged.

Endlings is designed as a space of education and projection, to convey the real potential of the complete loss of critically endangered Australian flora The three critically endangered species are contextualised as historical specimens within a museum setting, devoid of their environmental geography and separated from each plants entirety, becoming endlings.

Image: Olivia Spark, Endlings (Euphrasia arguta), 2017. Sterling silver, glass, acrylic, resin. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Olivia Spark

Olivia Spark has a passion for the environment around her, particularly the uniqueness and diversity of native Australian flora. This inspires Olivia‚Äôs contemporary jewellery practice, as she translates this passion into the design of distinctive metal pieces reminiscent of the individuality in nature. 

Image: Olivia Spark, 2017. Photo by Sarah Musial.