Tulla Carson

Gathering - How to walk in two worlds – desert tracks and straight lines, 2017

Experiences and interactions are what lead us to create a deep connection to place enriching our personal identity and sense of belonging. The speed of the city sphere takes control of individuals’ lives; speed with efficiency is sometimes at the mercy of our wellbeing.

Gathering is a series of contemplative sculptural objects that represent a visual continuity between the Australian landscape and the city. They embody totemic beings which hold the beliefs, values and attitudes of an individual who resides within the urban context, yet has a deep connection to place through their engagement with temporal moments and meaningful interactions. The project aims to facilitate dialogue between the viewer and the viewed, seeking to re-orient an individual's perception, awareness and values surrounding the importance of a sense of place. In doing so, it aims to encourage viewers to foster a deeper connection to place, metaphorically allowing them to walk within two worlds: desert tracks and straight lines.

Image: Tulla Carson, Gathering, 2017. Huacaya Alpace Fibre, Merino sheep fibre, Suri Alpaca Fibre, hand spun wild nettle, Australian Mount Gambier limestone, hand spun banana fibre, Kangaroo tail skin, natural linen, Tasaar silk fibre, Lomandra Longfolia fibre. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Tulla Carson

Growing up in the Byron Bay hinterland, Tulla Carson’s works often explore the interconnectivity between ideas and issues concerning place, identity and belonging. It is through her background within object and textile design that she delves into engaging within the visual poetry of forms and how these engrained stories and meanings can be disseminated to the outside world.

Image: Tulla Carson, 2017. Photo courtesy of the artist.