Eggpicnic & Justin Cawley

Designers in Residence

In collaboration with the Australian Museum, Future Nature explores possible futures through the eyes of artists, designers and architects inspired by biology and the natural world. Mapping the collisions of art, science, and design, the exhibition explores the roots of scientific curiosity.

From 26 May, two designers-in-residence, Eggpicinic and Justin Cawley will share their creative process with the public in the lead up to the exhibition launch as they work in our space. Over a three-month period, each designer will visit the Australian Museum and will draw inspiration from the priceless collections hidden within. They will have access to the extensive archives, collections, and backrooms of the 188-year-old Australian Museum. The artworks, objects and installations that have been produced for Future Nature range from a reimagining of the Museum’s famous Long Gallery to an interactive soundscape of frog communications and 3D-printed coral ecosystems.

For more information about the designers, please visit Future Nature: The Evolution Will Not Be Televised.

Images: Courtesy of Justin Cawley