Australian Design Centre and Griffin Theatre Company in association with Sydney Festival present


By Hilary Bell

World Premiere

DATES: 12 – 21 January 2022

Some objects possess mysterious powers. They can take us back in time. They can remind us of someone. They can make us emotional—joyful, wistful, homesick.

Objects can also imply drama. When you hear the words ‘window’ and ‘cricket bat’… what do you think of?

A short chamber performance for a solo performer and a curious audience, Window, Cricket Bat comes to life within the exhibition space of Happy objects at the Australian Design Centre. Become a guest at the glamorous luncheon of one of the world’s most famous playwrights—evoked with nothing more than a well-loved souvenir and a cracking story.

Australian Design Centre’s Happy objects is a celebration of ‘stuff’—material items that are often imperfect, and always deeply symbolic of the lives we lead. Produced in a unique collaboration with Griffin, accompanying the exhibition, Window, Cricket Bat is a delightful journey back to London in the 1980s, penned with fond humour by playwright Hilary Bell.

The reviews are rolling in for Window Cricket Bat!

“The script by Hilary Bell sparkles with colour and crackles with wit, while capturing the warm belly glow of thinking back on good times past.”
James Mukheibir, Theatre Travels

“Keeping your attention faultlessly at pace with her monologue, she [Lucia Mastrantone] flits effortlessly between at least four characters.”
Kate Prendergast, Audrey Journal

Playwright Hilary Bell
Director Jennifer Rani
With Lucia Mastrantone

Season 12 – 21 January, 2022
Performance Times
Wednesday – Friday

Venue Australian Design Centre
Bookings: Griffin Theatre Company

Project Partners

Festival Partner

  • Sydney Festival

Top image: Broken glass on white background. Photo: LoveTheWind