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This major exhibition, produced and presented by Australian Design Centre launched on 15 June 2023 and tours to Glasshouse Port Macquarie, NSW from 16 September to 3 December 2023.

Australian Design Centre, NSW 15 June – 27 July 2023
Glasshouse Port Macquarie, NSW 16 September – 3 December 2023

GOOD NATURED: design art architecture

Celebrating creative projects by designers, artists and architects working to design a better future — these practitioners are focussed on creating outcomes that are both beautiful and good for the planet.

Featuring nine creative projects by:
Breathe Architecture | Dale Hardiman | Glider | Honey Fingers | Joanna Fowles | John Gertsakis | Kirsha Kaechele and Material Institute | Peta Kruger | Yerrabingin

Plus a growing list of examples of good natured people and organisations who demonstrate the depth and diversity of beautiful, practical and impactful work being done for a better world.

Good Natured invites all of us to be active participants, inspired and engaged to become part of the solution to design a healthy, safe and beautiful environment. We can all take small steps to a sustainable future. We hope that everyone who sees this exhibition is inspired to create their own good natured project.

Developed by guest curator Liane Rossler and ADC's Lisa Cahill, exhibition and graphic design by Maria Mosquera and Vania Contreras with creative direction by Liane Rossler, wallpaper design by Kate Swinson, creative production by ADC's Rhadi Bryant and fabrication by Signwave Newtown, with initial design concepts from Vanessa Low.

This project has been developed by a collective of creative people united in their view that all projects should first and foremost consider the environmental impact. These good natured people worked with the whole ADC team to make this exhibition with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Past Events

Consuming Differently Panel – Buy less, Choose well, Make it last
To address the planet’s environmental dilemmas we need to consume differently. This panel unpicks what this means with strategies for us all. Hosted by industry adviser, sustainability advocate and GOOD NATURED participant, John Gertsakis, with a small panel of policy-makers, doers and experts including guest curator, Liane Rossler.

When: Thursday 13 July, 6-8pm
Where: Australian Design Centre, 113-115 William Street, Darlinghurst

GOOD NATURED: Sustainable Exhibition Design Panel

This panel pulls apart this process and discusses sustainable exhibition design and production for the future. Led by CEO and Artistic Director, Lisa Cahill with guest curator Liane Rossler, exhibition designer Maria Mosquera and our exhibition production partner Trevor Vyner.

When: Wednesday 26 July, 4-5pm
Where: Australian Design Centre, 113-115 William Street, Darlinghurst

Join the participants and guest curator from GOOD NATURED: design art architecture as they talk us through their practice, exhibition work and focus on beneficial beauty in a walk through the exhibition.

When: Saturday 17 June 11.30am - 12.30pm
Where: Australian Design Centre, 113-115 William Street, Darlinghurst

Free exhibition tours
Make the most of your trip to the Australian Design Centre with a free exhibition tour. The team will introduce you to the Centre, current exhibitions and Object Shop.

Special tours on Thursday 6, 20, 27 July 2023 with guest curator Liane Rossler.

Tuesdays, 12.30pm
Thursdays, 12.30pm


Good Natured - Architecture

Dale Hardiman

Good Natured - Design


Good Natured - Design

Honey Fingers

Good Natured - Art/Design

Joanna Fowles

Good Natured - Art

John Gertsakis

Good Natured - Design

Peta Kruger

Good Natured - Art


Good Natured - Architecture

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