6 February – 16 March 2024

International Art Textile Biennale 2023 celebrates the vibrant and evolving world of contemporary art textiles. In its second edition, this Biennale showcases a diverse array of works that push the boundaries of textile art.

A testament to the profound shift underway in the perception of textile art, lies a powerful and accessible medium for exploring identity, society, and politics in the 21st century. The 35 finalists from 11 countries dismantle preconceived notions on what it means to be a textile artist and how this medium can express profound commentary.

Diverse perspectives unfold in each piece, challenging inherited canons and questioning concepts such as body and beauty, isolation and community. Artists delve into fabric as architecture, unravelling notions of home and the temporal nature of interior space. Some pieces serve as diaries of concerns about the escalating impacts of climate warming, while others examine the intrinsic nature of self-reflection, exploring the act of making as a journey of internal struggles and letting go. Playfulness and introspection dance hand in hand, where the boundaries of textile art are stretched, unravelled, and woven anew, offering viewers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of contemporary artistic expression.

Traditional techniques also seamlessly intertwine with innovation. Seated beside the familiar textiles are a myriad of unconventional companions - rabbit skin, paper-pulp, concrete, flax, old woollen blankets, stringybark, spider egg cases, recycled plastics, foraged vines, recycled electrical copper wire, charcoal, reclaimed ceramics, fluorite, amethyst, business tie linings, doilies, and off-cuts of previous artworks.

Jacobo Alonso (Mexico), Laura Bishop (Australia), Eszter Bornemisza (Hungary), Kerstin Bruchhauser (Germany), Evangeline Cachinero (Australia), Sue Cunningham (Australia), Robyn Cuthbertson (Australia), Margaret Djarbalarbal Malibirr (Australia), Tina Fox (Australia), Ann Goddard (United Kingdom), Rachael Howard (United Kingdom), Josephine Jakobi (Australia), Amy Jones (Australia), Walter Jugadai (Australia), Gintare Joudele (Lithuania), Linda Knight (Australia), June Lee (South Korea), Brenda Livermore (Australia), Irene Manion (Australia), Claudia Mazzotta (Australia), Jem Olsen (Australia), Sayaka Ono (Japan), Rachel Pearcey (United Kingdom), Hilary Peterson (Australia), Catriona Pollard (Australia), Neha Puri Dhir (India), Tamara Russell (Australia), Katherina Sommer (Germany), Samantha Tannous (Australia), Renee Trovarelli (France), Ruth Wagner (Australia), Rachael Wellisch (Australia), Louise Wells (Australia), Ji Seon Yoon (South Korea), Stefanie Zito (USA).

Fibre Arts Australia presents this significant award to highlight contemporary art textile practice. Fibre Arts Australia is committed to developing this significant award and with it the original vision and intentions for art textile practitioners continue to expand, grow, and inspire.

Information for buyers
Many of the works in this exhibition are available for purchase. If you are interested please contact the Centre on 02 93614555 or enquire at the desk. 
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International Art Textile Biennale Floor Talk

Join Lisa Cahill CEO and Artistic Director of Australian Design Centre with some International Art Textile Biennale 2023 finalists in a tour of the the exhibition and conversation about the works. Artists including Laura Bishop, Tina Fox, Brenda Livermore, Irene Manion and Catriona Pollard will be in attendance.

Where: Australian Design Centre
When: Saturday 10 February, 11:30am–12:30pm
Bookings: Free event. Book here.

Embroidery workshop with Amy Jones

Join us for this special workshop event to learn how to create your own floral embroidery. This workshop will be led by the artist Amy Jones. Amy is a finalist in the International Art Textile Biennale exhibition with her work entitled A Woman’s Work. Using long and short stitches and beads, create vibrant textured florals, using a variety of different threads. All materials will be provided.

Where: Australian Design Centre
When: Friday 1 March, 11.00am - 2.00pm & Saturday 2 March, 12.30 - 3.30pm
Bookings: $85pp + gst. Book here

International Art Textile Biennale: In conversation with Glenys Mann

Join us for this unique opportunity to hear from the IATB organiser Glenys Mann, who is the CEO and Founder of Fibre Arts Australia discussing all things textile, the Biennial and finalists in this talk and tour through the exhibition.

Where: Australian Design Centre
When: Thursday 14 March, 11.30am - 12.30pm
Bookings: Free event. Book here.

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Thursdays, 12.30pm
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Top image: Brenda Livermore, Fire Brand (detail). Photo: Janet Tavener.

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