Emma Elizabeth

Emma Elizabeth is a highly innovative designer and stylist. Her cross disciplinary approach to creative workings allows the designer to work within the realms of: Art Direction, Design, Styling, Experiential, Curation, Events, Production, Buying and Creative Conceptualization.

Acclaimed for her collaboration piece, ‘Round Diamond’ with Australian rug company Designer Rugs, she is looking to expand her collaborative approach to designer products and projects. Emma Elizabeth was also the founder and creator of the world’s first ‘Design Vlog’ traveling for two years to each major and minor design week, as a design editor & personality. With over ten years of experience as an Australian freelance creative that has offered her a wealth of international knowledge and exposure, Emma Elizabeth looks forward to what the next decade will bring into her creative life & ambitions.

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Emma Elizabeth 2017. Photos by Fiona Susanto. Images courtesy of LOCAL DESIGN.