The meaning of abeyance equates to the temporary suspension of activity. For this work the temporary suspension is the time between Clare Hooper finishing the work and it being exhibited and worn.  It also can also be equated to the finish applied to the enamel. On one necklace the cracking effect in the enamel has been frozen so that the green oxidation from the copper is showing through the white enamel. On the other necklace the enamel is etched to the point that the glass finish has been erased. Each finish was chosen to reflect abeyance.

Clare has always been drawn to the creation of making things in small scale. To be able to hold something that displays intricate detailing has always held a fascination. Over time she has realised that this fascination for all things small doesn’t have to be only in objects created for novelty value but they can also be the vessels for storytelling.

Image: Clare Hooper, Abeyance, 2018-2019. Photo courtesy of the artist.