In the Western world engagement rings signify marriage; a union, a joining of two people into one. Every relationship we enter into is multifaceted, with parts of ourselves yet to be revealed and understood by our partner. With these rings Danielle Barrie aimed to create pieces that look entirely different from different angles including; gemstones only visible from the sides, different colours and stone shapes.

Utilising geometric shapes Danielle explores the binary opposition of simplicity and complexity. The search for control, minimalism and cohesion in our daily lives is often an impossibility. Geometric shapes are controlled and mathematical, yet when assorted forms are arranged side by side chaos and complexity ensues. This does not affect the form or qualities of the shapes, but rather the perception of them; clustered like a cityscape, what was once simple and ordered now straddles the line between organised chaos and disarray.

Image: Danielle Barrie, Constellation Ring, 2018. Photo: Vanessa Burton.