Danni Xu follows the philosophy less is more in her metalsmithing and jewellery design practice. Her challenges are often inspiration and reflected in the work she makes, transforming these experiences into continually positive energy to output works of art. Often, her works have narrative story behind the composition. To display this personal narrative she creates forms that are simple and organic, yet, use detail to pull the viewer closer and build a connection with them.

Danni graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a BFA in Metalsmithing & Jewellery Design, and a dual degree in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management in 2017. She recently completed a one year residency in the Metalsmithing, Jewellery & Glass department at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago. She is returning to school this fall to pursue a Master of Fine Arts at Rhode Island School of Design.

Image: Danni Xu, Next, PROV I, 2019. Photo: Guy Nicol.