Ellie Tessa Godworth is searching for beauty, stillness, the horizon at dawn. She thinks about the atmosphere of objects and the ways in which small scale works of art may open an in-between space, of intimacy and transcendence. She wonders how a liminal language or experience, may exist in an artwork and affect a type of sublime, encounter. In this series, Ellie has explored surface and form in an attempt to fabricate simple vessels that reference the liminal. The vessels are from the periphery, existing in their own space, of this world, but not of it. Ellie draws inspiration from Byzantine Art, the Italian Renaissance, and artists Anish Kapoor and Walter de Maria.

Ellie is a Gold and silversmithing student at the RMIT. At present, she is interested in the sculptural qualities of sound, space and light, symphonic composition and natural phenomena. She is moving, through form, towards a lightness of being, a softness, a waywardness, like water. She often draws from Japanese Zen philosophy and the history of art and design. 

Image: Ellie Tessa Godworth, Three Vessels, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist.