Working with the theme of Micromégas, Evangeline-Lulu Ropert created a brooch. A token of nature to be worn by those who feel trapped in the city. Our modern lifestyles lack moments where we acknowledge the natural world. We spend our time inside concrete buildings hardly interacting with nature. Evangeline-Lulu yearned for this natural connection. Inspired by the plant garden she created within her bedroom, this brooch was another way to counter the absence of the natural world in her city life. Sprouting from the garment it acts as a reminder, a simple connection to a vast world beyond the concrete paths.

Evangeline-Lulu is an emerging visual artist who works predominately in jewellery making and painting and is studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts at UNSW Art and Design. Her jewellery practice focuses on creating wearable pieces inspired by observations of her surroundings. She has a strong interest in people’s physical mark and interactions with their environment. In her work she seeks to show an appreciation and understanding of the intimate nature of jewellery and the relation to its wearer. She has a love for the process of creating wearable art and jewellery making embodies her passion and appreciation for the handmade.

Image: Evangeline-Lulu Ropert, Sprout, 2018. Photo courtesy of the artist.