When we see the countryside from an airplane, we see foliage, streams, hills, and patterns. This space has been managed for tens of thousands of years but with European impacts, we see explicit barriers and more subtle marks that remain just below the surface for a careful eye to see. Helen Wyatt’s wearable works are the result of observations and poetic responses to this landscape seen from the air. Islands and farmland lend themselves to sculptural forms and invite the close gaze of the viewer.

Helen’s work references sites in transition. She has exhibited in the Triple Parade Shanghai Jewellery Biennale, 2018-2019; Inhabiting Space at Port Macquarie Regional Gallery, 2018; I Walk the Line, solo exhibition at Artisan, Brisbane, and State of Shine (Radiant Pavilion). Her work is currently touring in USE for JMGA-Queensland, and has been selected for Contemporary Wearables, 2019 at Toowoomba Regional Gallery. Helen writes about Visual Arts (Arts Hub, Klimt02 and Garland) and curates a window gallery in Evans St Balmain, Sydney. She has recently completed a Masters of Visual Arts by research at Queensland College of Art.

Image: Helen Wyatt, Island 1: More Than Meets The Eye, 2019. Photo: Jingjing Ma