WINNER - JMGA-NSW Established Contemporary Jewellery Award 


Yield Bowl, was part of solo show, Fold Yield, in 2018.  It was a series of large vessels and jewellery pieces exploring surface, form and juxtapositions of heavy shapes with bright colours and negative space. Building from single sheets of cardboard, shapes were manipulated and scaled. Yield Bowl was the first piece produced for the show, starting out as a hand sized piece. It was modeled and remodeled several times, tested in thin aluminum shim and then finally water jet cut from mild steel sheet. Hand finished, textured, engraved, patinas & waxes were applied; then hand folded and manipulated into its final form.

Larah Nott is a jewellery and object maker based in Queanbeyan, Australia. After travelling Australia and Europe as a chef and studying jewellery design and manufacture in London and Melbourne Polytechnic, she moved to Canberra in 2012. Larah graduated from The Australian National University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Design Art, Gold and Silversmithing.  She has exhibited in Australia, Taiwan, Japan, USA, France, Greece, Germany and Thailand with work in public and private collections. She is also the winner of National and International Prizes for object making and is represented by Bilk Gallery, Canberra.

Image: Larah Nott, Yield Bowl, 2018. Photo: Bilk Gallery