Whilst fossicking in the rock pools at Plantation Point one day, Lucy Morton picked up a large reasonably intact barnacle shell. The structure and texture of this shell was quite phenomenal, so intricate yet strong enough to weather the strength of the ocean. Struck by its beauty she took it home to study further.

Over a year later, Lucy decided to replicate a simplified version of the shell by carving it in wax. Keeping with the ocean theme she felt that my barnacle shell would be well complimented by a seaweed inspired shank to create a sculptured wearable object of intrigue. The final touch was to gold plate the inside of the shell accentuating the detail and creating a warm internal radiant glow and rhodium plate the ring shank to distinguish between the seaweed and the shell itself.

Creativity is an intrinsic part of who Lucy is. Sculpting, forming and molding to create visually pleasing wearable objects is at the heart of what she strives to achieve. She is heavily influenced by the natural world and instinctively gravitates toward organic flowing lines in her designs. To create by hand to a high finished standard, and then see that piece worn and treasured is immensely satisfying for Lucy. Well-crafted works, no matter how small, can bring so much joy to our everyday lives. 

Image: Lucy Morton, Barnacle Ring, 2018. Photo: Lucy Morton Design