Traditional resist dye techniques are reworked in this textile piece where ritual, repetition and hand-stitching keep the artist captivated. Initially appearing quite precise, the unpredictable nature of the shibori process means final patterns are subtly varied and rhythms constantly disrupted by adding and subtracting, masking, and revealing. Hand embroidery continues the surface exploration, texture, and pattern, slow and methodical, restores a sense of order.

Barbara Rogers is a Sydney textile artist with over 40 years’ experience in textile design and fashion. Rogers now works primarily in shibori, an ancient Japanese resist dye technique from which she has developed her own unique methods. Barbara’s work has been shown in numerous national and international exhibitions and publications.

Loop Holes, 2022
cotton/lycra, resist dyed, de-coloured, azoic dyes, silk thread

Image top: Barbara Rogers, Loopholes, 2022, Photo: Courtesy of the artist