Catherine went to the zoo and saw some soft toy monkeys in the gift shop. She loved them so much she was inspired to start a sewing project about two cheeky monkeys living in a zoo, eating fruit salad and healthy food, playing with the tigers and chasing them around.

Monkeys are cute! My artwork about these two cheeky monkeys is fun. I love sewing! The colours, pink, yellow, red, orange, purple, blue and green make us happy.

Catherine McGuiness is a fearless and frenzied creative. In any one of her pieces a hundred marks sit beneath the final work. Whether it be paint, posca or thread, she fills the frame with vibrant colour, bold-line work, and shimmering webs of dots and patterns. Catherine was a finalist in the 2022 Archibald Prize and was one of seven Studio A artists commissioned to create Love owls and mermaids singing in the rainbow pop, a 300sqm mural for AGNSW.

Little, little, little, little Monkeys, 2022
vintage brocade cotton fabric, cotton thread, metallic thread, sequins, embellishments

Image top: Catherine McGuiness, Little, little, little, little Monkeys, 2022, Photo: Tsz Kin (William) LIU and Studio A