In 2020, stones in Cathy’s gallbladder started to cause her trouble and she had a cholecystectomy. Prior to this procedure, she had given her gallbladder little thought. In an act of humour and self-titled ‘sympathetic magic’, she made herself a replacement. A gallbladder necklace, complete with bile duct and three stones sourced from her driveway. Designed to be worn at "gallbladder height", which Cathy painfully learnt is located below the ribs. Although it is “her” gallbladder she likes to think it could be worn by anyone in need.

Cathy Farry is a cross-disciplinary artist working across a range of media. She studied and worked in visual arts, primarily drawing, but has recently been practicing crafts such as bookbinding and textiles. Cathy was a finalist in the Petite Miniature Textiles 2022 exhibition in Wangaratta Art Gallery, the White Cliffs Underground Arts Festival and was also a finalist in Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards in 2020. She lives and works in Broken Hill, in Far West NSW.

Replacement Gallbladder, 2020-2022
raffia, blue metal stones

Image top: Cathy Farry, Replacement Gallbladder, 2020-2022