Damian's favourite activities are painting and weaving on a loom. For this work he experimented with combining them by painting over the weaving, and hand sewing on the top. Damian began with a black canvas and applied his weaving offcuts to it, creating an artwork of lots of fences and lots of doors. He has layered multiple colours across the work as he ‘loves all colours’.

In his practice, Damian Showyin has developed a distinct personal language; one of patterns and braided shapes. With acrylics, pastels, posca and thread, he articulates the teeming and tight harmony of the buildings, fences and gardens he is surrounded by. When not painting, Damian dedicates hours to the loom, weaving sculptures and wall pieces in that same abstract language. He has exhibited major bodies of work at the National Art School, UNSW Library and Sydney Contemporary.

Building Grids, 2022
woven fabric, embroidery thread, acrylic paint on canvas

Image top: Damian Showyin, Building Grids, 2022, Photo: Tsz Kin (William) LIU and Studio A