Dicktators are a satire of patriarchal culture, a kind of ready-made sculpture. Each of the transformed ties becomes a character with particular physical and psychological characteristics. The colour, the shape and the size, add layers of meaning to this clothing accessory that has inexorably attained a symbolic dimension.

Eleonora Pasti defines herself as an ‘artivist’; an artist who is deeply engaged in feminism and believes art is always political. Her art is constantly evolving and links the themes of society and community with the personal and autobiographical. A professional artist in Luxembourg and France for fifteen years, Eleonora arrived in Australia in 2021. Her studies at the University of Bologna with Umberto Eco (Professor of Semiotics), led her to search for unexpected connections between different forms of cultural expression.

Dicktators, 2022
silk neck ties, stuffing
$350 each

Image top: Elenora Pasti, Dicktators, 2022, Photo: Courtesy of the artist