As we continue to produce too much CO2 and our planet warms, there is an existential danger. Our plant life will experience longer, warmer summers and need more water to grow. Like a straw, moving water from the land to the atmosphere, as plants grow larger, they become thirstier - requiring more and more water.

Originally working as a studio potter, Pam de Groot has now worked in the field of fibre and textile art for almost 22 years, creating wearables, accessories and more recently sculpture. Currently she is experimenting with new approaches to using felt, fibre, colour and dyeing techniques. Pam likes to push the boundaries of felt making, creating new innovations in this ever-growing field of textiles. Her work is informed by the natural world, its shapes, colours and materials, in her hands.

Thirsty Planet, 2022
merino wool, monofilament, wood

Imager top: Pam de Groot, Thirsty Planet, 2022 Photo: Courtesy of the artist