An increase in water temperature of one degree Celsius in 2016 caused coral bleaching to over a quarter of the coral in the northern Great Barrier Reef - in just two weeks. The impact of this on Reef fish and invertebrate communities continues. We are all now aware of the effects of global warming, but this event provided a strong visual statement of its consequences. In this work Anne Foy has used resist felting, dyeing, and stitch resist shibori to illustrate corals in various stages of life.

Treading lightly on the earth is paramount to Anne's textile practice. She focuses on using sustainable materials, dye colours provided by nature, and recycled fabrics in her work. Techniques used are felting, shibori, eco-printing with natural dyeing and hand stitching to produce unique pieces in her home studio. Her work was selected for exhibition in June 2018 in Arimatsu, Japan and she attended the International Shibori Symposium in Japan, 2018, and Mexico in 2016.

Image: Anne Foy, One Degree Celsius, 2018, COTA
Materials: Merino wool, silk organza, silk yarn