Tracy Dickason’s artistic practice combines ceramics, textile, paper and natural materials. She found her professional artistic journey in clay to be a sensory experience that was both therapeutic and liberating. Over time this lead her to explore the same sense on paper and textiles, incorporating different textures and materials to take the viewer on both a visual and sensory journey.

She has a passion for making her art tell stories. Sometimes directed by the contextual content and at others by allowing the viewer to create their own narratives via their emotional connection. Tracy hopes to connect with the world in an honest and authentic way through this raw form of communication.

Evolve, was created as a representative piece showing the evolution of natural materials into their many forms from tree to paper to fibre and pigment. Circles feature strongly in her work, telling a tale of community, cohesion and connectedness. Attributes she believes to be the essential core of our existence.

Tracy is based in Northern Sydney and her work has been shown in Queensland, Sydney, regional NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

Image: Tracy Dickason, Evolve, 2018. photo: Greg Piper
Materials: cotton fibre, acrylic ink, paper bark, printmakers paper, black wooden frame with non-reflective glass