Fragile Landscapes, has been constructed from lengths of disposable paper, covered in hand-written thoughts.

However, the script is not written to be read; rather it is a process used to settle a distracted mind. Over time these word-covered strips are randomly re-connected using sewing adhesive, then painted and sliced creating a new (fragile) material. In this iteration this imperfect material forms the base for an improvisational stitch, a wrapped and woven landscape, a creation requiring a gentle and thoughtful touch.

Christine Wiltshier is an artist based in Sydney. Christine is currently a Master of Fine Arts, (research) candidate at UNSW Art and Design, Sydney. She is working with the conventions of hand knitting, as a methodology to consider the generative potential of unintentionally made mistakes.

In her multidisciplinary approach she deconstructs and experiments with the processes involved in traditional techniques. Specifically, the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of making, unmaking and remaking; particularly preferencing mistakes and the imperfect.

Image: Christine Wiltshier, Fragile Landscapes, 2020 Photo:Courtesy of the artist