Identity, 2020

Materials and techniques: Machine and hand-made paper, hand and machine stitching, embossing
850 x 800 mm

Single letters, when connected, can form monograms and so have meaning. Even when replicated, they are still significant and have value in their unique quality. When incorporated in an artwork, the monogram itself becomes more significant through a variety of factors, including shape, size, weight and legibility. Collectively the forms can develop into patterns and designs of their own making.

This monogram, embossed with my initials, even when used in varying contexts, like an interconnecting thread, it never stops being part of my inherent individuality. This artwork symbolises my signature style, integrating individual elements to create a larger interrelated unit.

About Elaine

As a calligrapher, the techniques of lettering and mark-making provide Elaine with the means to express the spirit and the sentiments relevant to her art pieces.

Elaine works in diverse formats and uses a variety of media to approach individual concepts. By using stitch or pen, on both fabric and paper, she creates fusion between different materials. Combining smaller elements to create an overall image appeals to her. Artists Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee have inspired Elaine’s art practice as have Kandinsky’s statements, “Form itself, even if completely abstract, has its own inner sound.”

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Image: Elaine Witton, Identity, 2020. Photo: Janet Tavener.