Portraits of the Domestic, 2020

Materials and techniques: Second-hand shirts, muslin, crochet
1600 x 1700 x 100mm variable

Signature actions of our domestic lives are performed and passed between generations. Older generations give of themselves to younger ones.

For myself, and for mothers, grand-mothers and carers everywhere, I have conserved and validated the signature feelings of nurture, support and comfort.

About Jane

Jane is interested in the daily lives of women and portraying that in art which connects her everyday life to past, present and future. The process involved in the creation of Jane’s art is as important as the outcome. She employs time consuming, repetitive actions and techniques to create works mirroring a woman’s commitment to nurturing.

In 2020, Jane completed a Master of Visual Arts (Advanced) at the Australian National University. Her journey through this study began with Australia’s convict women, reflecting on how they made their way through difficulties of colonial life. She investigated value of domestic labour, in particular repetition of laundry tasks. The gestures and philosophies of the objects and tasks of daily life and the traces they leave are also of interest.

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Image: Jane Bodnaruk, Portraits of the Domestic, 2020. Photo: Janet Tavener.