Fissures, 2020

Materials and techniques: Embroidery threads hand stitched on linen
(h) 850 x (w) 400mm

Whilst holidaying in Japan, I had the opportunity to visit Osaka Castle which was constructed in the 1500’s during the Tokugawa Period. The castle is surrounded by an amazing Moat and enormous imposing stone walls as a means of protection during the warring years. I photographed segments of the ‘Otemom’ which is the stone wall near the main gate. The wind, sunlight, rain and ice have weathered these surfaces over many centuries and have created many fissures, cracks and crevices.

About Margo-Lynne

As a textile artist, stitch is Margo-Lynne’s preferred textile medium. She uses traditional stitches with a variety of threads to create different textural surfaces. Margo-Lynne has been experimenting with abstract designs for some time now, inspired by Matisse, Braque and Picasso.

Sources of inspiration originate from photographs of objects and landscapes that she has taken locally and abroad. From a chosen photograph, she crops a few sections and decides which is the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Margo-Lynne resizes the image and transfers it onto fabric. Threads are chosen with specific reference to colour and stitch type as to the desired effect.

Image: Margo-Lynn Lee, Fissures, 2020. Photo: Janet Tavener