Printed/ Imprinted, 2020

Materials and techniques: Silk, linen, synthetic fabric, hand dyed and marbled, oil crayon rubbings, painted fusible collage, fabric manipulation, machine and hand embroidery
5 panels, each 1120 x 320 mm

The individual uniqueness of thumbprints has meant that they have been used as identifiers, personal signatures, for more than 2000 years from marks in soft clay to biometric prints.

We leave our thumbprints in so many places as we go about our lives. Mine have been left in the many places in the Australian landscape where I have lived and to which I feel a strong connection. But they are small and insignificant in comparison to those, the landscapes have imprinted on my soul.

About Robyn

To respond in her art practice to the inspiration of ideas and themes, Robyn draws on colours, shapes and textures surrounding her in the natural world; in particular, the Australian landscape. Robyn calls upon her lifelong love of textiles and fibres and the opportunities offered by them to convey meaning. Robyn aims to draw the viewer to look inside her work for messages embedded there. For each work, it is Robyn’s practice to select a range of materials and techniques that suit her intent. For her, this approach gives freshness to the making and allows the opportunity for each work to evolve.

Image: Robyn McGrath, Printed/ Imprinted, 2020. Photo: Janet Tavener.