Fusion, 2020

Materials: Merino wool, wet felted
1000 x 700mm

A watery plane reveals the fibre’s true nature. It shrinks back towards its root, grasping at neighbours, intertwining into an inseparable whole.

Scaly exteriors rub against each other under the Hand that compresses air, reducing space between. Determined pointy ends try to escape the surface, coloured strata lose distinctness. A cut edge, blunted, points upwards, forming a line. As the last breath is expelled, the transformation is complete.

About Samantha

The notion of landscape – the natural environment around Samantha and the mysteries of mind, mood and the subconscious are all integral to Samantha's practice. Dreamscapes, imagination, memory and creativity connect with coast and country in abstract forms. Our inner and outer worlds intersect and often collide, the tangible and intangible layer upon one another.

Samantha’s latest obsession is a collage of felt, fabric, paper, dye, print, stitch, an abstract echo of the idea of landscape. Fibres of wool, silk, and plants are moulded, sculpted, and warmed into stable materials and expressions. Plants provide colour in dyes and prints, on paper and fabric, in vats, dye pots, pastes and ink. The uniquely Australian, abundant materials of merino and eucalypt provide rich, varied sources and endless inspiration.

Image: Samantha Tannous, Fusion, 2020. Photo: Janet Tavener.