Benjamin Reddan, has been looking to the Japanese art form Yosegi for inspiration – an approach where ‘everything is on show and nothing can be hidden’. His series of intricate boxes are both experiments with different inlay patterns and great tests of his skill. He says of these boxes: ‘I wanted to create a small selection of boxes that served a practical purpose but at the same time looking like a small piece of art. With these boxes I wanted to experiment with different inlay veneer patterns [and for these patterns] to be the main vocal point but at the same time not taking too much attention away from the main background timbers.’ Benjamin prides himself on his attention to detail, which has stemmed from his philosophy that well-made woodwork is an art form with a soul, and every aspect of a piece, whether it’s a corner block, a hinge, or inlay, must be treated with respect.

Benjamin works from his studio in the Yarra Valley. His bespoke and batch-run pieces are sold across Melbourne, interstate and overseas.

Yosegi Keepsake Box No 56, 2021
Jarrah, redgum, iron bark, American black walnut, American white ash, American white oak, merbau, Tasmanian oak, Tasmanian blackwood, purple heart, wenge, paduke, Bubinga rosewood, New Guinea rosewood, Hard Rock maple, yellow stringy bark, birch plywood, kunos oil, faux suede lining
71 x 98 x 217mm

Yosegi Keepsake Box No 43, 2021
American black walnut, American white oak, yellow stringy, purple heart, wenge, merbau, American white ash, jarrah, redgum, New Guinea rosewood, Bubinga rosewood, paduke, Hard Rock maple, Tasmanian blackwood and Tasmanian oak, birch plywood, kunos oil

Yosegi Keepsake Box No 47, 2021
American black walnut, iron bark, American white ash, American white oak, jarrah, yellow stringy bark, Tasmanian oak and merbau, birch plywood, kunos oil

Image top: Benjamin Reddan, Yosegi Keepsake Box with lid off, 2021 Photo: Courtesy of the Artist