The striking hall table, Mutawintji 1, takes its inspiration from the ancient and culturally significant landscape of Mutawintji National Park in far western New South Wales. Mutawintji’s arid environment transforms into a place of startling beauty and verdant life when it rains.

For Evan, the ‘raindrop’ figured blackwood echoes the pattern of rain falling on rocks. The table’s fluted elements represent the watercourses worn into the rocks over millennia.

Mutawinji 1, 2021
Designed by Evan Dunstone, Dunstone Design, Made by William Bayliss
Blackwood with “raindrop” figuring, wenge, rock maple, oil finish
1600 x 380 x 900mm

Image top: Evan Dunstone, Mutawintji 1, 2021 Photo: Adam McGrath of Hcreations