Kanun Onsel’s work explores the tensions between positive and negative spaces, surface and form. He takes reference from the architecture, textures and colours found in his everyday surroundings. Working across scales from small vases to large tables, his works couple the natural grain of the timber with a surface finish.

Kanun Onsel is a woodworker, product designer and furniture maker, merging the modern and the traditional. His passion for woodworking started from a very young age, watching his father in his studio and learning the traditional techniques of fine custom-made furniture making. Over the years Kanun has developed his own unique style. In recent years he has participated in a number of exhibitions in the ACT, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands.

ANGELIC Sculptural Vases, 2021
Mix media with American white oak base each. Dimensions and prices as follows:
165 x 105 mm / $180
165 x 105 mm / $180
225 x 95 mm / $220
215 x 145 mm / $340
390 x 135 mm / $380
300 x 195mm / $470

Image top: A N G E L I C Sculptural Vases, 2021. Photo: Julijan Griffiths