This bookcase continues a line of enquiry into wedge sections that began two years ago. With an aim to avoid machined flat and square sections, these ‘provocative shapes’ were central to an experimental art wall piece featuring wedges of various lengths that could be arranged on a circular metal plate to form various patterns.

Mitchell McNamara-Rice showed an early interest in wood work, working at a local cabinet making business, working on the weekend while completing high school. In 2007 he starting working fulltime as a cabinet maker at Monaro Timber. He worked there for over a decade, eventually becoming Workshop Manager. He assisted in the training and mentoring of apprentices, several of who still work in the industry locally. In 2018 Mitchell established his own company, Solid Timber Fabrications, which mainly focuses on producing bespoke furniture and custom joinery.

Bookcase, 2022
Tasmanian blackwood
1800h x 500 x 260mm

Image top: Mitchell McNamara-Rice, David Mac Laren OAM, Scale model bookshelves, 2021 Photo: Bungendore Wood Works Gallery