4 February - 22 March 2023

Textiles and fibrecrafts have been a site of queer creative expression across cultures from time immemorial; and in many ways the history of the queer movement has been one of disparate communities and identities threaded together in compassion, solidarity and a shared struggle for dignity and justice. We are all part of a magnificent tapestry. Michael Kennedy

From political struggles, relationships with family and self-identity to knitted protest banners and dark glittery glory holes – Unravelling Queerly showcases the work of ten LGBTQIA+ artists. The exhibition highlights raw and real struggles, resilience, humour and accomplishments.

Nicole Barakat | Samuel Luke Beatty | Andrew Chan | Luke George | Nadia Hernández | Kate Just | Raisa Kabir | Blake Lawrence | Arone Raymond Meeks | Ahilapalapa Rands

Practices such as weaving, crochet, embroidery, quilting and sewing have a rich history with LGBTQIA+ artists, makers and designers. These labour-intensive processes enable sharing of personal and cultural narratives and create vibrant intercultural, intersectional and intergenerational sites for dialogue on contemporary queerness.

Crafting and creative practices play a central role in exploring self and identity. Unravelling Queerly artists use textile and fibrecraft to express their unique voice and unpick complex subject matter.

Unravelling Queerly is presented in association with Sydney WorldPride, as part of WorldPride Arts.

Unravelling Queerly was developed and produced by the Australian Design Centre team with a curatorium of external advisors including Liam Benson, Kirsten Fredricks, Michael Kennedy and Ivan Muñiz Reed.

Unravelling Queerly visual identity created by Zoe Baumgartner.


Exhibition Lunchtime Tours
Join First Nations Creative Producer, and member of the curatoreum, Dakota Dixon for a free lunchtime tour of Unravelling Queerly. Learn about the artists and the ideas behind their work.  
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30pm 
Where: Australian Design Centre, 113 -115 William Street Darlinghurst
Free event, bookings are essential, please follow the link here to register your interest.  

Opening night
Join us for the opening celebrations of Unravelling Queerly.
When: Thursday 16 February, 6 - 8pm
Where: Australian Design Centre
Free event, bookings essential

Queer Mart: A Darlo Makers Market
This lively daytime market showcases outstanding local craft and design made by the talented makers in our community. Featuring 20 stalls selected by special guest curators Nikita Majajas and Jeff McCann, the market is all about the unique and the handmade.
When: Sunday 26 February 10am–3pm
Where: Australian Design Centre, corner of William Street and Palmer Street, Darlinghurst

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