Quasar Stool, 2018

The motivation behind the creation of the Quasar stool was to design an object that was both minimal and flamboyant. A highly functional piece of art created using brass and resin, it displays complexity in a simple form. With a bespoke finish, no two stools are the same, yet the design conforms to a series of uniform values ensuring consistency of form. It's part of a larger series of work that explores the theme of simplicity versus complexity. 

The stool is constructed out of three brass legs attached to a (hidden timber) structure. The piece is then mould set within a resin bath forming the outer layer of the seat and hiding the structural components within.

Image: Quasar Stool, 2018, resin and brass. Photo: courtesy of the artist.

Workshopped 18 Angus Forbes

Angus Forbes

Angus Lee Forbes is a cross-disciplinary artist best known for his film work. His practice has evolved to encompass design that is influenced by the analogue and digital domains. His work examines how we interact, see and tell stories, traversing mediums to connect and engage with people. His work has been recognised at Cannes, London International, AWARD, TED, among others. He has worked with high-profile clients such as Flume, Coke, Samsung, McDonalds, WWF and Rapha.