CR-0 Clothing Rack, 2018

The CR-0 evolved from a desire to challenge the aesthetic of the standard clothing rack. With hanging racks emerging from inside built in wardrobes and cupboards, the CR-0 brief outlined an intent to create a piece that fitted seamlessly into any room and demanded attention. Its innovation lies within the unique tensioning mechanism hidden inside the CR-0, providing stability and strength for the cantilevered brass hanger arm and inviting curiosity around its mechanics.

The CR-0 hanger’s unique singular vertical axis and adjustable cantilevered arm invite the user to organise their storage habits. As their needs evolve, so does the CR-0s form by extending the horizontal arm, adapting to any change in season or trend. When paired with another CR-0 it can be modified to store items in divided sections and compliment an unused corner of a living space.

The CR-0 is ideal as an alternative to complete shop fit-outs and is perfect for small boutiques or pop-up stores with its simple tool-free installation. The minimal aesthetic is also suited to a wide variety of living spaces and bedrooms.

Image: Ben Styles, CR-0 Clothing Rack, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist

Ben Styles Portrait_Image by Luke Owens


Ben Styles is an industrial designer with the belief that good design strives for simplicity. He searches for innovation by understanding the materials, the user and function with a hands-on approach in each facet of the process.

In studying a combined degree (Bachelor Design Industrial Design + Bachelor Arts International Studies) with a year exchange in Mexico City at Universidad Autonoma Nacional de Mexico, Ben has developed a unique approach to design thinking and analysis of provocations. Combining these experiences he thrives on collaborative cross-disciplinary design and sees each brief as an opportunity to learn.

Image: Ben Styles. Photo: Luke Owens