Stack Planter, 2020 

Stack Planter aims to push the boundaries of glass as a material for planter pots. It utilises playful, vibrant, glass colours and shapes to harmonise with contemporary interior design. Aesthetically inspired by Japanese Minimalism which celebrates simplicity, additionally vivid bright colours reflective of Ayano’s experiences whilst living in Australia. 

The design is a combination of a planter and a saucer- these can be arranged in a variety of combinations to complement an interior palette, allowing the end-user to tailor the design of the Stack Planter. As a handmade object the Stack Planter highlights ethical making practices in contrast to mass-production.

Image: Ayano Yoshizumi, Stack Planter, 2020, Photo: Pippy Mount

Ayano Yoshizumi, portrait, 2020


Ayano Yoshizumi is an emerging glass artist and designer originally from Japan. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Musashino University of Art in 2014, she graduated from the Toyama Institute of Glass Art in 2016 with the Best Student prize. After completing her studies, she worked for three years in a staff role at Toyama Glass Studio refining her glass blowing skills. 

In her professional career, Ayano took part in the Asialink Residency Program at Canberra Glassworks as the visiting artist in 2017. This experience encouraged her to become involved in the Australian glass community. Ayano relocated to Australia in 2019 to participate in the South Australian glass community as part of JamFactory's Associate training program. She is currently undertaking her second year of training.

Image: Ayano Yoshizumi, portrait, 2020, Photo: courtesy of JamFactory