The Plant Swag, 2020

The Plant Swag utilises discarded materials that would normally end up in landfill and re-imagines them into a sophisticated and functional object that is. As an object of functional use, The Plant Swag is water resistant and easy to manoeuvre. The brass eyelets and knots in the ropes are a nod to the sail cloths nautical history from which they come. Each plant swag is completely unique and made by hand. 

Image: Fiona Booth, The Plant Swag, 2020, Photo: courtesy of the artist

Fiona Booth, portrait, 2020


Fiona Booth is a visual artist working across a number of mediums including painting, drawing, murals and printmaking. A passionate advocate for the environment, Fiona is also a maker of sustainable homewares using textile waste, end of line fabrics and leather offcuts.

Fiona completed a Diploma in Fashion Design at the National Art School, Sydney and has worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years. As a painter, she has exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions, most recently at The Hazlehurst Gallery, Sydney in 2018 and The Corner Gallery, Stanmore in 2019. 

Image: Fiona Booth, portrait, 2020, Photo: courtesy of the artist