Valet Chair for Him, 2018

The Valet Chair for Him takes inspiration from the Hans Wegner’s original Valet Chair honouring the great Designer, Ian has put his own spin on his design. By adding a fourth leg to the chair to create additional stability, a upholstered seat for comfort, and a hidden compartment located under the seat, to store clothing accessories. Aesthetically designed to easily fit into any room décor, the Valet Chair for Him could easily be used in any setting.

Valet Chair for Her, 2018

After the creation of the‚ Valet Chair for Him, Ian realised that most, if not all valet chairs were designed for men. He wanted to see if he could keep the same design but make it more feminine. The Valet Chair for Her was designed to be ‘flatter’ so that garments could be draped over more delicately rather than a suit jacket being hung. A plumper cushion was added to the seat so as to appear more feminine and provide additional comfort.

In Australia there are not many of these chairs and therefore there is the potential in the market for this type of chair, for either personal use or even in high-end accommodation to compliment any stylish room.

Image (Top): Ian Bromley, Valet Chair for Him, 2020, Photo: Greg Piper Image Solutions

Image: Ian Bromley, Valet Chair for Her, 2020, Photo: Greg Piper Image Solutions

Ian Bromley, portrait


Ian Bromley has a background of over 20 years in electronic engineering and computer programming experience. Having always had a passion and fascination with how things work and how they are made, Ian enrolled in the in the Sturt Fine Furniture and Design Cert IV in 2018. And has since developed a philosophy of making items that are not only pleasing to the eye, but that are functional and practical.

Image: Ian Bromley, portrait, Photo: Greg Piper Image Solutions

Ian Bromley, Valet Chair for Her, 2020