The Sideboard, 2019

The Sideboard was designed with the intention of creating a product that contributed to the local community by using Australian materials as well as to educate others about the war on waste. Utilising cutting-edge CNC technology to manufacture The Sideboard minimises waste innovatively. Suitable for anyone who is looking for a long-lasting, beautiful addition to their home.

Image: Jake Williamson, The Sideboard, 2019, Photo: Nick Doolan

Jake Williamson, portrait


Jake Williamson grew up in Victoria and studied carpentry. In 2019 Jake launched Peninsula, his own furniture brand. Peninsula combines clever and classic designs with an emphasis on creating long-lasting, quality products. Products that people are proud to own because they are locally made from sustainable materials. 
As we’re tired of living in a ‘throwaway’ society, we also want to design furniture that people want to keep and that won’t end up in landfill.

Image: Jake Williamson, portrait Photo: Nick Doolan