Daily Tray, 2020

The Daily Tray is inspired by an image of an urban train station, daily travel and everyday routines and rituals. The gridded pattern encourages a sense of logic and order, with shallow dishes to separate and display individual articles. Combining sharp geometry with the subtle warmth of timber, the design was developed through experimentation with templates and jigs to form angled elements that could be repeated to create more complicated assemblies. 

Whether used as a jewellery tray, key bowl, a place for personal objects to rest for the evening or to find a home for a little longer, the Daily Tray is a piece of design that elevates the ordinary.

Ripple Side Table, 2020 

The Ripple Side Table is a collaborative piece  by Jordan Leeflang and Xanthe Murphy. Drawing inspiration from the natural phenomenon of sand ripples and the meditative act of tracing patterns in sand. The ceramic top has been wheel thrown, patterned and glazed in a silky, satin white. Its rippled texture encourages tactile interaction, seemingly begging fingers to drift across it. The American White Oak base works to frame and compliment the ceramic top and its hand turned legs elevate the piece. The pairing of stoneware with the timber frame challenges the traditional position of ceramics in the domestic setting; here, the tableware becomes the table.

Image (Top): Jordan Leeflang, Daily Tray, render, 2020, Photo: courtesy of the artist

Image: Jordan Leeflang and Xanthe Murphy, Ripple Side Table, detail, 2020, Photo: courtesy of the artists

Jordan Leeflang, portrait, 2020


Jordan Leeflang is an Adelaide based designer whose multidisciplinary practice includes furniture, object and sculpture. With a background in interior architecture, and furniture making at University and TAFE, Jordan was accepted into the JamFactory Furniture studio in 2019 and is currently in the second year of the Associate Training Program.

In the studio Jordan works primarily with timber, designing steel, glass and ceramic pieces for outside fabrication. Jordan’s interest in interiors and spaces continues to inform his work, with architectural influences featuring heavily in both materials and forms. Jordan has been included in several design competitions, winning the 2019 Workshopped Award for Design, and gaining an honourable mention in the VIVID object category in the same year. His work has been exhibited in Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Design Week in 2020.

Image: Jordan Leeflang, portrait, 2020, Photo: Andre Castellucci

Xanthe Murphy and Jordan Leeflang, Ripple Side Table