LUCAIDO is a marriage of Italian mezzaluna (half moon), mannaia (cleaver), and Chinese cai do (vegetable knife), redefining and expanding our concept of what a knife can be and how we use it.

The LUCAIDO is unprecedented in design which complements existing knives in a commercial kitchen. Intended for use in rapid food preparation environments the LUCAIDO reduces implement changeover and increases prep output in commercial kitchens. Designed for flexibility of application in the commercial food prep industry, with a crossover into all types of kitchens and bakeries, for: chefs, bakers, butchers/skinners, boners and slicers cooks with grip limitations.

LUCAIDO functionality emulates the actions of 2 -3 different tools. Handles and proportions are finalised with ergonomic and anthropometric considerations, to accommodate WHS needs and user comfort during prolonged use. A modified version is available for bakers or cake artists, which is longer and blunt. Quickly finding a comfortable place in the hand the LUCAIDO naturally becomes an extension of your arm rather than a tool you wield.

Image: St M O’Flynn, LUCAIDO, 2020, Photo:courtesy of the artist

St M O’Flynn, portrait, 2020


With a forty-year history of extraordinarily broad work, study, and unique travel experience, St Mary O’Flynn is now compiling her knowledge and love of functionality to make things that work, while studying architecture. 

Refined design and functionality are at the core of her design ethos. Finding simple answers for niggling problems. Cheffing was one manifestation of St Mary's skills; from an exclusive boarding school kitchen, to the homes of royalty, and in well-loved restaurants, St Mary experienced every type of food prep and service. She brings this knowledge with her to the design of LUCAIDO.

Image: St M O’Flynn, portrait, 2020, Photo: Alby McCartney