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Over/Under Platter, 2020
90h x 250w x 250d mm
$350 each

The Over/Under Platter is the result of experience in production glass blowing teams and observing a gap in the market for high end, hand-blown glass with multiple functions. The work combines modern design with handmade craftsmanship.

The colour choice and title are inspired by James Turrell’s, Skyspace, Within/without, and watching the colour transformations of the central oculus and surrounding structure.

Robert wanted to create something that would amplify the experience at the core of most social gatherings, sharing food. The Over/Under Platter allows a host to pick its use depending on what they want to serve, or elevate food above the other surrounding tableware. One side, a platter or cake stand, easily held by the cup underneath, the other side a vessel for holding condiments with surrounding space for accompanying produce. Multifunction is the core innovation of this product and what sets it aside from other tableware.

The platter showcases the qualities achievable with entirely handmade blown glass processes. A high end, unique product with diverse functionality that demonstrates quality making techniques.

Robert’s process involves the making of two separate components and fusing them together while the material is still hot. After the glass is completely cooled it is ground and polished. The whole process for one platter takes roughly half an hour to make.

Mini Jug, 2020
60h x 50w x 50d mm
$55 each

The Mini Jug was created for individual users to add milk to their drink or sauce/dressing to their food. Increasingly, restaurants are serving food and drink as an experience rather than serving a complete plate. The diner puts the finishing touches on the dish at the table.

The carefully shaped spout helps control the flow of the liquid for an even pour. The spacing between the spout and the open-top located so that no liquid spills.

The Mini Jug is a fun and curious object, its design aesthetic complimenting consumers existing tableware while adding a subtle pop of colour to the dining experience. Its small spout and angled sides give the piece character, encouraging user engagement with the object.

The Mini Jug showcases the material qualities achievable with entirely handmade blown glass processes – a high end, unique product of quality.

The Mini Jug and Over/Under Platter were shortlisted for this year’s digital edition of WORKSHOPPED21: New Australian Furniture, Lighting and Object Design.

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Robert Schwarz is an American glass artist, currently working from his studio at Canberra Glassworks.

He received his Masters in Visual Arts from the Australian National University and his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass from Ball State University, Indiana.

Robert’s work primarily focuses on glass-blown production, making functional objects with refined forms and striking colours. He is drawn to the versatility of glass and the process of perfecting skills and forms through the repetition of making production work.

Robert also works as an instructor and teacher at Canberra Glassworks, teaching beginner glassblowing. In addition to his own practice, Robert is a studio assistant for many nationally and internationally recognised artists.