As part of Minka Gillian's work Mini Mind Garden, now on in Object Space, ADC's CEO & Artistic Director Lisa Cahill asked Minka three quick-fire questions to find out what inspires her as an Australian designer.

What do you make?

“I make woven biomorphic sculptures and installations out of found or recycled materials. I also paint and draw portraits of my sculptures concentrating on colour and texture. In recent years I have become involved in Public Art.”

Minka Gillian, Mini Mind Garden 2023, photo: Amy Piddington.

Minka Gillian, Mini Mind Garden 2023, installation at Australian Design Centre. Photo: Amy Piddington.

Why do you make what you make?

“I like textures, colour and repetition and find comfort and calm from making. I make what I make to better know myself, to tether myself to the earth whilst simultaneously tapping into another “realm”, the realm of the unknown, serendipity, happy accidents, creativity. “

Minka Gillian, process, photo: courtesy of the artist.

Minka Gillian, process (detail). Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

What inspires you?

“My childhood growing up in Tasmania in the bush with a creek, nature, undefinable feelings, the human condition, the human body.”

Minka Gillian wearing a black dress standing in front of her colourful Mini Mind Garden soft sculpture exhibition in the Object Space window gallery

Minka Gillian, Mini Mind Garden, 2023 Photo: Amy Piddington

Thanks Minka!

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