Object magazine offers an insightful perspective on contemporary craft and design in Australia. Published by the Australian Design Centre, Object is a celebration of creativity and making, and a journal of record featuring inspirational objects, works and projects by Australia’s most innovative craft and design practitioners.


(Published 2004)

Features include: Issue 44: contents page

Article: Handmade at the Heart of things. Grace Cochrane takes an in-depth look at crafts over the last four decades. p.20

Article: Talent is not enough. Design historian Michael Bogle looks at 40 years of design activity and education. p.26 

Article: The gentle wash of memory. Wendy Walker delves into the suggestive forms of jeweller Leslie Mathews. p.56

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Image: Object issue 44 cover image, Alic Lees, Pocket Watches, 2003. Photo: Andy Stevens