Object magazine offers an insightful perspective on contemporary craft and design in Australia. Published by the Australian Design Centre, Object is a celebration of creativity and making, and a journal of record featuring inspirational objects, works and projects by Australia’s most innovative craft and design practitioners. 

Object magazine was published in print between 1996 and 2009, and digitally until 2011. Many of Australia’s most important emerging and established craftspeople and designers were featured in Object magazine and many curators, writers, designers and editors were instrumental in the development of the magazine over its life.  

This digital archive of the magazine is a work in progress.  We are planning to eventually upload the key articles and contents of each issue of the magazine as a record of 20 years of craft and design in Australia. 

Issue 59

Feature: Seven 21st Century Ceramicists
Profile: Crafts Mastermind: Jane Burns
Profile: Marina Murdilnga 

Issue 58

Feature: Wood: A social commentary
Profile: The Kevin Perkins
Profile: Jon Goulder

Issue 57

Feature: The Canning Stock Route Project
Feature: Gatherings
Feature: Pottery that defies convention

Issue 56

Feature: The Slow Prototype
Profile: Sandra Backlund

Issue 55

Studios: Marc Petrovic
Studios: Sara Carone 
Studios: Alan Preston

Issue 54

Cover Story: An enduring relationship
Feature: Shine On
Feature: What Museums Do With Objects

Issue 53

Cover Story: Relationship Counselling
Regulars: Make/Me Everyday Stories

Issue 52

Cover Story: Starting A New Sentence About Australian Design

Issue 51

(2006 - 2007)
Cover Story: Team Glass
Feature: A Touch of Wool
Profile: Charles Wilson

Issue 50

Cover Story: Stitches In Time
Feature: Damian Barton
Feature: Dialogue: Exploring Opportunities In Textiles

Issue 49

Cover: Fostering Talent
Feature: Living In A Material World 
Feature: Craft By Design

Issue 48

Feature: Whiter Than White
Feature: Verbally Adept Furniture
Feature: Lost And Won

Issue 47

Cover Story: The Basket Economy
Feature: Wooly World

Issue 46

Feature: A Sustainable Design
Feature: Fion Hall
Feature: Cloaked In Time

Issue 45

Article: Four Sisters 
Article: In the Pacific rim 
Article: Sofia Tekela-Smith

Issue 44

Article: Handmade at the Heart of things
Article: Talent is not enough
Article: The gentle wash of memory 

Issue 43

Article: Copper red, tea dust and temmoku 
Article: Artisans + artist colonies 
Article: Syaw 

Issue 42

Article: Magic Carpets from Ernabella
Article: Translucent Light
Article: Seductive Evidence 

Issue 41

Feature: Wild Nature
Feature: Beyond the City Limits
Feature: Like a Lizard Drinking

Issue 40

Feature: 21st Century Chairs
Feature: The Cast
Feature: Bodies within bodies
Feature: All that glitters...

Issue 39

Article: Eau Sauvage
Feature: Glass works
Feature: Lost in Space

Issue 38

Article: Marc Newson
Article: The Lure of Metal
Feature: Rare Earth

Issue 2.01

Interiors Feature: De Ma 
Review: iSaloni 2001 
Review: Lace