Object Space is a window gallery located on William Street in Darlinghurst. On display 5 October - 14 November, is the exhibition Fish Out of Water by artist Dorothy Filshie.

Fish Out of Water is an exhibition of the textile object work of NSW artist Dorothy Filshie. Dorothy uses hessian, calico, duck and artists’ canvas plastered with old-fashioned gesso made from rabbit skin glue and whiting powder to create her sculptural fish. Her work is dictated by a love of food, textiles and art. Each work is hollow and is made from a pattern by cutting shapes from suitable fabrics, stitching the pieces by hand or machine, then shaping and stiffening them into three dimensional forms. 

Image: Dorothy Filshie, Fish & Fruit, 2018. Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Image: Dorothy Filshie at Work, Photo: Barry Filshie

Fish prices: extra large $142, large $126, medium $79, small/fishbones/starfish/barnacles $47
For sales please contact us on: 02 9361 4555

Edited Dorothy At Work