Object Space

William Street Window Gallery

Australian Design Centre plays a critical role in celebrating the work of Australian artists who embrace the highest degree of craftsmanship and who continually explore material, process and ideas to advance contemporary craft and design practice.

Object Space is a window gallery located in the window of the ADC Offices on William Street in Darlinghurst. The exhibition space has direct street frontage, is accessible to view 24 hours a day and is lit for viewing at night.

On display from 31 January to 18 March 2020 is the exhibition Sweet Spot by Julie Paterson.

Sweet Spot is a collection of stencil symbols and the marks that they make. In this work Julie Paterson cross pollinates her multidimensional practice as a designer, painter and printmaker. The collection of symbols, originally part of landscape paintings, create a library of shapes that leap from the canvas.

Julie on Sweet Spot
I love the process and the story telling of my craft. Setting out on a new project is always an adventure. There’s pleasure in allowing the ideas and connections to form as they come, one step at a time. I’ve learned not to anticipate the outcome. It’s better to trust the journey. The cut paper stencils I’m using are ones that I created when making a new body of work last summer in the Blue Mountains for a show called Edge To Edge. The works I created were printed land and cityscapes of favourite places - some here in NSW, some in Tasmania and Scotland. I built up these artworks in layers, overprinting many times, building up a large scale image from tiny little shapes cut from paper and applied with a roller over and over, until the form felt right. Cut paper stencils have always been my favourite method to create new work for textiles - they are an immediate and intuitive was of designing.  This was the first time I had used them to create complex large scale landscapes.

I was turning my process on its head, letting my textile practice steer my art practice for a change. Turns out it was a good move. As I cut each stencil shape and applied it to the artwork, I also printed it onto a clean piece of fabric - one by one as the shapes came – to be the reference and record of the artwork as it was being made. They became a legend, a catalogue of symbols that collectively describe the landscapes. Then the joy, the surprise when I realised that, in fact, this legend, these individual stencils themselves, were the heroes of the project, rather than the artworks. I called them my Library of Shapes. 

So now a year later, I am returning to these libraries, and taking them to the next step back towards textile design. For the first time I will be repeating theses motifs, symbols, stencils and shapes to create a new body of work – a prototype group of fabrics. I’ve called this new work Sweet Spot, because as an artist and designer, this is where I find my most creative space, in that sweet spot where the two disciplines overlap.

As a part of the exhibition program, Julie will spend 18-22 February printing in the William Street window culminating in a day of workshops, listed below.

Sweet Spot Community Printmaking Workshop
You are invited to join an hour-long stencil print workshop to create a unique, collaborative textile design with Julie. 
When: Saturday 22 February, 2020
Where: Australian Design Centre
Tickets: $55, all materials included, book here

Image: (top) Julie Paterson, Sweet Spot, 2019, Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Sweet Spot: Julie Paterson

31 January - 18 March 2020

Sweet Spot is a collection of stencil symbols and the marks that they make. In this work Julie Paterson cross pollinates her multidimensional practice as a designer, painter and printmaker. The collection of symbols, originally part of landscape paintings, create a library of shapes that leap from the canvas.

Bright Start

21 November 2019 - 22 January 2020

Bright Start features the work of first year students of the Bachelor of Design Degree and is part of the Designing Bright Futures exhibition program produced by Australian Design Centre in partnership with UNSW Art & Design. 

Intergradation: Taerim Claire Jeon

3 October - 13 November 2019

Intergradation is an exhibition of the Jogakbo (Traditional Korean patchwork) work of a Sydney based artist Taerim Claire Jeon. This exhibition is presented in partnership with the Korean Cultural Centre, Australia. 

Gadigal Mural Exhibition

2 July - 13 August 2019

Gadigal Mural is an Object Space exhibition, celebrating NAIDOC 2019 and the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Language. 

Jane Theau

 1 August – 25 September 2019

Just shopping, always shopping is one of a series of large-scale lace drawings depicting people in unexceptional, everyday moments

Stephen Goddard

28 May - 26 June 2019

Welcome. by Stephen Goddard explores typographical design, punctation and meaning in street signage.

How do you read the sign? If you trespass will you be prosecuted, or that no trespassing violators will be prosecuted and should be allowed to stay?  

Suzanne McRae

11 April - 26 May 2019

Suzanne McRae's work is immersed in sentimentality and the haunting nature of memory. These once cherished creatures, inhabitants of the past, live on today. 

Dennis Golding

22 November 2018 - 23 January 2019

Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay artist Dennis Golding exhibits one of his newest superhero capes titled My Cape, which empowers human and posthuman experiences of being on country. 

Dorothy Filshie

5 October - 14 November

Fish Out of Water is an exhibition of the textile object work of NSW artist Dorothy Filshie.

Fish prices: extra large $142, large $126, medium $79, small/fishbones/starfish/barnacles $47

Esme Timbery: Shellwork

2 August - 3 October

The iconic artworks, Untitled 'Sydney Opera House' and Untitled 'Harbour Bridge' by Bidjigal artist and elder Esme Timbery celebrate the important shellwork tradition of the La Perouse community and Timbery's contemporary practice. 

Euphemia Bostock

21 June - 29 July

Fashion Collection 1987 by artist Euphemia Bostock is a collection of handprinted garments featuring original designs created for the 1987 Au Printemps Department Store exhibition ‘Australis down under’ in Paris.

Vita Cochran

5 April - 22 May 2018

Textile artist Vita Cochran embraces bold colour and geometric designs through her hand-embroidered handbags and applique hangings. 

Play Up

8 February - 24 March 2018

This project involved the making of objects to support humour therapy in dementia care and was a collaboration between Tasman Munro, a social designer interested in creating objects that bring life to communities and Jean-Paul Bell, a humourmanitarian with a long history in the arts and health industry. 

Gunjan Aylawadi

6 October – 15 October 2017

Sydney-based paper artist Gunjan Aylawadi presents HAKK, a large-scale, intricate paper installation.

Adam Cornish

23 November 2017 - 31 January 2018

Adam Cornish's Trinity Collection is based on the nautilus shell and was the first project he designed for Alessi.