8 May – 1 June 2024

Australian Design Centre presents Treasures, a special 60th anniversary exhibition.

Ten of Australia’s best craft artists have each contributed a work for this celebration.

These artists have been the subject of solo exhibitions in the Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft series that began in 2004. This series celebrates the work and practice of exceptional individuals who have demonstrated more than three decades of excellence in their chosen discipline.

The Living Treasures are Robert Baines, (the late) Les Blakebrough AM, Helen Britton, Lola Greeno, Marian Hosking, Jeffery Mincham AM, (the late) Klaus Moje, Nick Mount, Prue Venables, Liz Williamson.

Each 'Living Treasure', or their family, have generously nominated an artist who is producing outstanding work in their field of practice.

The nominated artists are Kirsten Coelho, Laura Deakin, David Doyle, Blake Griffiths, Jeanette James, Lauren Joffe, Kerryn Levy, Lily Morin, Beth Sanderson, Kenji Uranishi.

Together these twenty artists demonstrate incredible skill, talent and artistry of material craft practice in ceramics, glass, textiles, metal and contemporary jewellery.

Read more information about the Living Treasures series here:

Listen to interviews with the Living Treasures here in the first series of ADC's Podcast Object: stories of design and craft:


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Robert Baines

Forget Me Not Blue, Neckpiece, 2014
silver, electroplate, powdercoat, lacquer

Les Blakebrough AM (1930 - 2022)

About Fred, 2010

Helen Britton

Bird Pillow, 2018
silver, paint, vintage glass, diamonds

Kirsten Coelho

Etude #4, 2023

Laura Deakin

Mygration #1, 2019

Mygration #5, 2020

Mygration #6, 2019

acrylic sheet, sterling silver (oxidised), watercolour and acrylic paint

David Doyle

Echoes of the Shell: Fossil Fuels and the Fragile Balance of Wisdom, 2024
silver, anthracite

Lola Greeno

black crow shells, penguin shells, waxed linen thread, silver-plated clasp
$605 each (2 pieces)

Blake Griffiths

Art-world Rewoven, 2019
cotton, recycled nylon, paper

Marian Hosking

Brachychiton Vessel, 2011
925 silver $6,000

Brachychiton Necklace, 2024
925 silver, timber

Jeanette James

Necklace, 2023
eagle claws, echidna quill spacers on kangaroo sinew

Lauren Joffe

Equilibrium, 2023
stoneware, slips, glaze

Kerryn Levy

The Dance, 2021
Australian Stoneware, Carnauba polish
$ 1,760

Jeffery Mincham AM

Halcyon Days, 2022
hand-built, multi-glazed, mid-fired ceramic

Klaus Moje (1936-2016)

Untitled 1, 2003
Glass bowl from the Random Squares series.

Lily Morin

Rings, 2024
blown glass
$2,200 (collection of 4)

Nick Mount

Scent Bottle Combination #120512

Prue Venables

Oval black form and black sieve, 2023
limoges porcelain, wheel thrown and altered with fabricated fine silver handle

Beth Sanderson

Utensil, 2023
mild steel, vitreous enamel

Kenji Uranishi

Waterfall #9

Liz Williamson

Waste, 2020

handwoven cotton threads with nylon monofilament waste